Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Today I am in Cyndi Lavin's December Gift Guide, so the web site is well stocked with lots of specially priced items everything from necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings, I also make ribbon bookmarks these are adjustable to fit large or small books and won't mark the pages.
The sale will run till New Years Eve to finish the old year with a flourish prices are in £ & US$!
If you see something you would like just email me the details and I will get right back to you.

On another note I have been thinking of putting some things in my Etsy shop it is such a popular place I buy all sorts of things there throughout the year, I do love to buy handmade it has a uniqueness about it that is so special.

Friday, 23 November 2012


I am having an online Craft Fair tomorrow 24th November at  Many necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc have been deeply discounted, it is quite exciting Lara and I have been working hard adding things to the web site for two days now and there are still more things I would like to add. So I have decided not to run this just for Saturday but roll it along to New Years eve to see out the old year, I will be adding even more and different things too throughout the rest of November and December!

Everything on our web site is handmade with great care. I also take commissions for bridal jewellery, our bookmarks are very popular as they don't mark or damage books and Lara's Pet Portraits or Fantasy Art make a lovely gift any time of year.

So drop by and make yourself comfy with a nice cuppa and browse the galleries drop us an email with your choice or any questions and we will get back to you in a timely fashion, we accept Paypal and send to most countries. Looking forward to your visit tomorrow!

I will be featured on Sarah's blog at Saturday Sequins where you will find more online craft shows to visit.

~Jacqui and Lara

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn and winter necklace

I have just finished making a necklace for myself, I decided most of my necklaces are too short to wear with my autumn and winter wardrobe, I wanted something a bit longer 20 to 24 inches to go with sweaters and my high neck tees and fleeces.

I decided to choose a focal from my box of gemstone leaves and settled on a gorgeous rich coloured carnelian piece I embellished it with gold wire and gave it a bale, I had a box of fire agate and crab fire agate, I liked the crab fire agate with it best as it didn't detract from the strong colour of the carnelian but harmonised but I did chose just two nuggets of the fire agate, I also used some feldspa for its soft neutral beige and brown.  I love the warm colours with the gold vermeil rondels and shepherds hook clasp, this necklace will work so well with lots of things in my wardrobe.
I shall certainly be making some more to go with other outfits!

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I don't know if any of my journal followers across the pond will read this but I do hope you have all come through the storm safely and your families and friends as well, I belong to several online groups and thank goodness everyone has come through ok, some with damage to property but otherwise safe.

There is a lot of clearing up to do, getting everything going again, hopefully it won't take too long before it gets sorted out, good wishes to everyone.


Monday, 22 October 2012


I have been working on some fun pendants & earrings for the winter which can be worn for the holidays too! I made a template for a fir tree one of those lovely forest trees you see in parks sometimes with branches spreading right down to the ground not the poor things in plantations with not enough room to breath lol. I embellished them with some silvery sparkles for frost or snow and added a star to top them off, as it seemed to be the right place where a star might be seen in the night sky! 

The ones in the first photo are flat with moonstone stars, the three in the centre photo I gave some leaves/needles stars are moonstone, yellow stone and pink glass. The two in the last photo have white freshwater pearl stars

Anyway I thought this was an appropriate moment to put up photographs, they were made for my daughter, sister and myself but I do have some spares for sale if you feel in need of a seasonal fir tree or two, please email me.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The winner of my earring giveaway is Birgit!
Please do take a look at her blog for those of you that don't know her she has a fantastic blog full of gorgeous photographs, especially the ones she took of Munich's Special Carnival, what a wonderful festival that must be wish I had been there! 

Saturday, 29 September 2012


I have been making some more simple earrings and a set, something quite new for me as I tend to enjoy making more elaborate necklaces and pendants. I am not sure if they are interesting enough what do you think?

Sunday, 2 September 2012


I have chosen these earrings for my second giveaway, these glass  beads look just like the toffee swirl sweets I used to have as a child, the same rule applies as last time leave a comment on my post and just make sure I have your email address, please do blog about the giveaway, thank you. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012


As promised I have the first giveaway from my Bead Soup, to be eligible please leave a comment on this post and blog about the giveaway and I will be delighted to add you to the "hat". Below is the picture of the first giveaway an Agate? pendant I have slipped it on some knotted sari silk cord, in toning colours. This giveaway will be drawn on 1st September, don't forget you must have a visible email address for me to contact you if you are the winner!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Last evening I visited the last of the names on the Blog Soup reveal list, I visited everyone that had posted photos of their jewellery and my goodness there were some gorgeous pieces to see, what a great party I am so glad I joined in, this was my third time and I enjoyed it all immensly thanks to my partner Jó  Giorgia Rossini I hope you all took a look at her pretty designs with some of the soup I sent her.

It just remains for me to thank Lori Anderson for making this such a wonderful and fun blog party, I know it is a lot of work for her and she is a very special person! "So thanks Lori till next time"!

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Today is the day I can show you all that I made with the soup I was sent by my partner Jó Giorgia Rossini who comes from Italy.
I decided to see how many pieces of jewellery I could make from this soup useing just a few bits from my own stash, I ended up with eight WOW I just kept seeing more things I could use to make pendants, earrings etc.

To start with I took the clasp Jó sent me which has a piece of picture Jasper in a bezel it was a three strand clasp which did not suit what I had intended to make, an asymetrical necklace, useing a strand of Crazy Lace Agate from my stash the colour went so well! I had to use strand reducers again from my stash and blackberry beads ( my name for them ) Jó had sent some light green open work ceramic beads which I felt went just right to add a splash of colour and a sweet little butterfly, the necklace reminds me of the sandy burrows near us which sweep down to the sea it is a nature reserve, full of orchids and other flora in season and many wild creatures live there.
The second thing I made was a bracelet, there were some interesting red beads which I picked out and other smaller beads in more neutral colours also a couple of large gold colour beads and a gold leaf, the lobster clasp I added so that was my bracelet!

A large greenish bead was next I took some silver colour wire and just went a bit loopy I embellished it with some little circles of green Mother of Pearl and a peach colour star, now its all ready for a chain or cord

The open copper heart was next! Among the things Jó sent were a pair of pretty brass hearts I added some chain and a copper freshwater pearl heart from my stash and ended up with this sweet Chained Hearts pendant

Next came a pair of earrings these glass beads reminded me of toffee whirls I used to get given as a child so I had to use them as earrings, I think they are fun!

Another necklace was a must from Jó's pretty green beads, I added the gold spacers and most of a strand of raspberry pearls and the clasp a rope wrapped S hook, the raspberry pearls match the little pink spots/flowers on the three long green beads, I think it turned out rather pretty!
Nearly there now only two more to go, the next thing I used was an unusual filigree Jó had sent me I call it Bambi, looking at the picture you will see why! So I got out my clay and voilá, I think it worked quite well.
                                                                        I thought I was finished until I spied this piece of stripy Agate? Well I had to use it, there was a red glass bead left with a flower on it and one red drop so I reached for the wire and made a little pendant, I think I will just hang it from some lovely silk sari cord doubled up and knotted.
If you like any of these items please get in touch as I will be selling them, there will also be a surprise giveaway or maybe more.  If you would like to follow my blog it will all be revealed on the 25th August....!!!

Please go here to visit all the other participans in the 11th August Blog Soup Reveal

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Just thought I would post this really elaborate art necklace that I designed for someone and then they disappeared! It took me a while to make the tiny hummingbirds but I do enjoy the challenge it has been posted on Pinterest by a friend so thought I would add it to my blog it is for sale, not for the faint hearted to wear as it is quite big or it could be framed as a piece of art!

Monday, 9 July 2012

And This is What I sent my Bead Soup Blog Partner

I think It is always a bit hit and miss sending things which while being a challenge, will also make the process enjoyable, I had a good look at the sort of things my partner jó was useing and decided to send a pallette of pinks which is maybe a bit different to the colours she usually works with and I am hopeing she will enjoy useing them.
So I sent a strand of freshwater pearls pink of course a large faceted Rose Quartz briolette and a pair of smaller ones, a pair of lampwork beads, a pair of faceted black Jasper briolettes, some of my precious vintage jet Czech cathederal beads ( I love those ) a hand made Polymer clay pendant, two clasps and a length of vintage brass chain.
I am looking forward to seeing what Jó will make with these things, the light was dreadful when I took the picture as the weather here has been aweful so it is not as clear as I would like. I am really looking forward to visiting as many blogs as I can....... See you at the big reveal.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


This will be my third Bead Soup with Lori Anderson. My partner is from Italy 
Giorgia Rossini, I received my soup from her on the 6th so I thought I would show it on my blog for everyone to see, it came in colourful little bags and a gift of some earrings for me from Jó. Thank you Jó.

This is the reveal date for our soup, I already have some ideas and luckily I have plenty of time to put them into practice!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


The necklace I am showing today has no clay in it and is from the other side of my jewellery designing. It was created earlier this year inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery that was auctioned at the end of last year, more precisely that wonderful pearl drop La Perigrina given to her by Richard Burton on Valentines day 1969. It is said the pearl was discovered off the coast of Panama in the 1500's and once belonged to King PhillipII of Spain. I am afraid my pearl does not have such illustrious provenance but it is a beautiful high class AAA pearl. So I thought it aught to hang from a suitable necklace too.

The necklace is strung with three sizes of freshwater pearls, rubies and green onyx as my little emeralds had such tiny holes I couldn't string them! The strands of pearls are seperated by beautiful silver flowers links. The circular centre piece is silver it was hand made by a silversmith and set with three rubies and three emeralds with a freshwater pearl in the centre. The pearl drop which is half drilled hangs below a strand of tiny pearls and rubies it is capped with silver. The clasp is lovely it is pearl and one of only two vintage ones I was able to buy a while back. I found it quite difficult to get a good picture but it is quite beautiful and special much nicer than the photos, as these thing usually are.

It is for sale just contact me if you are interested!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Necklace

I thought today as the Diamond Jubilee weekend is all over I would post my Jubilee necklace.

I had been thinking of something pretty to make as I don't have the diamonds I am afraid Swarovski crystals have had to do duty in this flower necklace.
I sketched the piece first as I usually do. It is fashioned on an armature of bronze and each leaf, petal and flower is hand sculpted. As Roses are some of the Queens favourite flowers along with Lily of the Valley I decided on pink wild Roses I sculpted these in clay and also some tiny Forget Me Nots in blue. For the Lilies I used some lovely vintage white glass with 14kgf as the stems, the centres of all the flowers are the crystals and even the Lilies are tipped with tiny crystals, oh my poor eyes!

I really enjoyed designing this as it is so lovely for the summer we are still waiting for!

Monday, 4 June 2012

We have a winner!

The winner of the green sari ribbon necklace is Shaiha, I am sorry there can be only one but good news! There will be a new give away later this month.

In the meantime I would love to show you a picture of one of my favourite old roses. Very large and many petaled Mme Issac Periere's scent is absolutely delicious and one of the strongest perfumed roses I have, I just picked these two this evening as the rain we had yesterday was set to ruin them, the fragrance fills the room.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wedding Pearls

I thought you might like to see a commission I have just finished and sent off three necklaces to a lady in NY for her wedding they are being given to her flower girls to wear on the day. The youngest is only 6years old. The pearls are a pale silky blue with Indicolite Swarovski crystals as the sashes on the little girls dresses are that teal colour, the silver blossoms are off set and small lobster clasps can hook anywhere on the extender chains, which is brilliant as the necklaces will grow with the girls! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Ganoksin Online Exhibition

I have four necklaces in the new Ganoksin Exhibition the links are below if anyone would like to see them.
Page 26.

Page 35.

Page 53.

Page 55.

 The exhibition showcases 330 images chosen from entries from over 111 artists representing 26 countries:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Serbia, Spain, Trinidad, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela, and the Virgin Islands
Artists were free to interpret the theme in any way they chose. Each artist could submit up to six pieces. Interpretations include uniting different materials into one cohesive form; intellectual and emotional "unitings", where the meaning of the piece unites multiple concepts; the uniting of time - past, present and future; and a number that focus on the harmony created when uniting multiple materials and/or concepts.
The work submitted involved a wide range of jewelry techniques, from very traditional to very cutting edge, as well as using materials from traditional precious metals and gemstones to "re-purposed
The online exhibition titled "Differences Unite Us" is now open to the public!

Monday, 14 May 2012


The second of my three give aways is another necklace. Made with sari ribbon for one of Lori Andersons Bead Soup Partys last year, the pale gold large beads are actually seeds I don't know what tree they are from but I thought they looked quite nice with the ribbon which is a very dark green and can be tied in place easily.
The rules are as before to be entered to win please leave a comment on the blog, you will get an extra chance if you blog about it or mention it on your Facebook, please leave the link and don't forget to make sure I have your email address or I won't know where to send if  you are the winner. The drawing will take place on Saturday 2nd June. Good luck everyone!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Give Away has been drawn!

Well my first give away has gone quite well considering and the winner is Cyndi Lavin of so congratulations Cyndi.
Thank you to everyone who participated all is not lost as the second give away will go up early next week another sari ribbon necklace but quite different the date for the drawing has not been decided yet.
So there you are folks I do hope you will try again everyone is welcome please do tell your friends about it.

All the best

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have three items I would like to give away over the next few weeks the first is a sari ribbon necklace/bracelet I made with the items I was sent by my partner for a bead soup I did with Lori Anderson. The leaf is ceramic and the beads are lampwork.
The drawing will be made on the May 12th.
To be entered in the draw with a chance to win, please leave a comment on my blog and you can either blog about it on your own blog or mention it on your Facebook and let me know you have done so for an extra go. Oh yes don't forget to let me know your email address or I won't be able to contact you if you win!
That's all you need to do. You can see a picture of the first give away above. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Just thought I would pop in and post I have been wanting to do some giveaways for the longest time but I am not sure how to get the word out there never haveing done one before. Can anyone help?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kimono Silk and Camellias!

I decided it was about time I posted again, I have not been so well in recent weeks but it has passed away now and I am feeling much better. I just need a bit of sunshine to pick me right up, I expect you all know the feeling.

The weather here on the west coast has been so mild, mild and wet I should add, we seem to have sprung leaks in places where there were none before! Today has been sunny and bright though but a lot cooler and I really feel inspired to move forward with some projects I have been thinking about over the winter.

First off I am a bit of a collector of beautiful fabrics as well as beads etc. This Christmas I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts. I have collected wonderful silks and wool fabric intended for kimono they are so beautiful, some are hand painted and many are hand dyed. So I set to and made a silk scarf for my sister it has a milk chocolate background with flowers and vines in dusky purples and reds and white it went really well with the pendant I gave her and she loved it!
A friend received a silk scarf in white with tiny raindrops of pink and rich pink, green and yellow butterflies just so pretty and as Amanda's favourite colour is pink it was an excellent choice.

Another friend Joan prefers dark colours so I had a lovely piece of wool in indigo with a diamond pattern in white, where the diamonds crossed tiny butterflies of white and orange in several different sizes adorned the fabric, I made another for myself its just right for this time of year!

So maybe I will be making scarves for sale as well as jewellery, I would also like to get back to some needlefelting soon it has been so long since I did anything but that will wait till the spring I think, there never seems to be enough days in the weeks or hours in the day I will have to start making a timetable but I doubt if I would stick to it lol.

The photo I took last year of one of my camellias this was April/May this year it already has blooms which is incredible even my early camellia is not in bloom yet, so I wonder why this should be, the only thing I can think is it is even more sheltered at the bottom of the garden in that corner.