Monday, 17 February 2014


I am still working my way slowly through the blogs on Grow Your Blog it may take me a while but I will get there in the end. Meanwhile I thought I would just show you what I have been doing with the jewellery.

I keep a box with a few pieces of jewellery mainly necklaces of course, that I have never been happy with but didn't have time to redo, I thought I would take a look to see if it would give me the inspiration. I needed to make a longish necklace for wearing with some high neck tees I have.

On opening the box some lovely ovals of Tree Agate caught my eye, I love Agate and Jasper! I retrieved the necklace and laid it out cut it apart and removed all the beads, not enough Agate! I had some more in a box which I got out and also my amber nuggets, I selected another two oval Agate beads with lovely patterns and some smaller round ones, then got to work on the layout. I wanted to use a silver dragonfly with the agate but what to use for a clasp?

For myself I tend to go for rather simple hooks or S clasps they lie nice and flat on the neck or can be used lower down, today I wanted something a bit different, out came the toggles I don't use them much and only keep a few but I found one that looked good with the rest of the necklace and balances out the opposite side. I added a few small silver spacer beads which work nicely.

The necklace is below and to me at least it makes me think of ancient times, prehistory when the world was younger when agate and amber was forming and dragonflies flitted among tree ferns and lakes with huge water lilies! Well that was what I was dreaming of anyway as it came together!



Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party is once again starting soon, the sign up day is February 9th all day. This will be the 8th Bead Soup and I always enjoy it. The banner on the right hand side tells you all about it.

I have had partners from all over. The bracelet I am giving away in the Grow Your Blog hop below was made with some of the items I got in a Bead Soup Party!


Sunday, 2 February 2014


This is a rather sad time for me, my mother in law passed away, the funeral was on Friday. 

Christine was a bright cheerful lady one of 14 children, she knitted and sewed, she was a good cook, loved holidaying in the sun and including my husband had five strapping boys to call her own. I was very fond of her and she will be sadly missed by her brothers and sisters, her boys and their wives and her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. So if I have not got to your blog yet on the Grow Your Blog I will get there in time possible a long time as there are so many of us!