Monday, 27 June 2016


Today is the day for revealing what we have made with the bead I received from my partner Tracy Stillman. 

The bead from Tracy was a beautiful green color and as soon as it arrived I knew exactly the main beads I would use for a necklace some Australian chrysoprase a great match for the focal, I have had the beads for ever and now I am so glad I kept them as I think they look really nice, I also used Tourmaline rondels and some silver beads, the dangle is Jade with a silver bead cap. I hope my partner will like the necklace and I hope I have done justice to the bead you sent me Tracy!

Here is the link for the rest of the folk and I just want to say Thank You Lori Anderson for having the courage to start up your awesome Bead Soup again, so just click on the link below scroll down the page to take a trip round some great blogs.…/welcome-to-bead-soup-blog…



I very rarely make bracelets, necklaces are what I enjoy designing and making most of all but hey a change is good. So I decided to make a bracelet for this month, the picture was very inspirational I liked the colours and composition, it was from the  Century Magazine Cover for June by Louis Rhead you can see it below.

I decided to make a triple strand bracelet so chose Citrine nuggets for one of the strands. I had some really nice shaded blue tablet shaped Czech glass beads with gold flowers picked out I had bought when I made an order with a friend and had not used yet. I got out my box of hand made Ugandan paper beads out and found some with a nice smokey purple running through them and added a few silver beads this was my second strand. The third strand proved a problem and I was beginning to wish I had stuck with just two, I tried several things but I felt they were just not right, till I thought of some leather which I have in several colours I used gold to carry through. I knotted and added four of my hand made Polymer saucer beads in blue and gold and a tablet bead with an imprint of a rose on both sides. The clasp is a very pretty floral toggle. Here it is you can see it below.

 Until next time take care.