Thursday, 25 December 2014


A very Merry Christmas to all my readers old and new and the very best of wishes for a Peaceful, Harmonious and Inspired New Year. 

I will be trying out new things and hopefully blogging more in the weeks to come, I have ideas for paintings and learning new techniques with my clay and jewellery.

This clematis Cirrhosa 'Freckles'blooms almost all year round but tends to ramble all over our garden I am always cutting it back and its so easy to propagate, the picture was taken one January. 


Sunday, 7 December 2014


I am just a little late posting the things I have made from my stash, as everything has been crazy round here with the exhibition and Lara's first book published, so here goes.

First up I have been learning Kumhimo, I started it in bed when I had to take bed rest for a couple of hours in the afternoons a couple of months ago with ruptured ligaments in one of my knees, I decided to learn something new and started Kumihimo.

A friend of mine is allergic to metals so I thought Kumihimo would be great to solve that problem. But when it came to finishing pieces I hated the ends you can buy so decided to make my own, you can see the result below. I used some lovely smooth pebbles of Prehnite I bought years ago but hadn't used just hoarded!

I thought I would like to make a necklace with beads so designed this one with seed beads, the pearls I have been hoarding as I can't seem to find any nice lavender pearls these days  so have been saving them for something, anyway I used some of them in this necklace.

Now for something completely different I had some pink Tourmaline pencils, no idea why I bought them years ago but they were so sweet so I just kept them, truth be told I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, Looking through for things to make for this blog hop I decided some gorgeous white stick pearls might be the very thing to go with my Tourmaline, finished off with a sterling silver chain so here is my last offering, hope you like it.


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Thursday, 4 December 2014


I have been so very busy I have not had a moment to update my blog which is so annoying.
Lara is at the Portland Street Gallery doing a book signing from 6 - 10pm Friday evening 5th December.
Some of the new Organic collection of jewellery is there as well and I have been persuaded to exhibit a new painting at this Christmas exhibition, very unusual for me it is a large acrylic, the inspiration was a beautiful dawn coming up over the sea the colours were gorgeous so I have tried to capture that. No pictures of it I am afraid as yet.

I have been really busy tidying up the garden and sweeping up the many leaves from the Magnolias and roses, the pond was full of them this morning so fished out as many as I was able which was rather lot, we only did it at the weekend but I think the last of the leaves are down now as there have been some very high winds the last couple of days. 

My Kuhimo braiding is coming along well and I now have several necklaces a bit different to the usual things you see I think, I tried the braid with beads but really didn't like it, not my thing, I do like pearls with it though as long as there are not too many, I am using hand dyed silk which is shaded and its gorgeous so I really braid for the colours I have also started useing some Egyptian cotton threads again hand dyed in wonderful colours. I want to learn to use Shibori ribbon too, so lots of things to try out this winter. I may even get some needle felting done.


Friday, 24 October 2014


Perhaps this is a slight deviation from my organic trend in this necklace or maybe its not really.

The beautiful old Chinese pendant was the inspiration, I have been wanting to use it for quite a while, I love the colours green and lavender its so fresh! I believe it is Jade and depicts two fish with a water lily and lily pads, or should I say Lotus flower anyway it is lovely and unusual. The beads I chose are smooth amethyst a bit organic and its finished with a hand dyed silk ribbon of exactly the right colour there is a little sterling silver S clasp under the ribbon so you don't need to undo the ribbon to fasten it! 

It is not easy to get a sharp close up picture of the focal but I have put one up anyway. 

I am offering it here to my blog readers first then it will go on the web site and Facebook next week.

Thank you your comments are really appreciated

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I am so excited and very proud of my daughter Lara, she has just published her first book  Danger in the Darkness. It is a fantasy novel set in another world and the characters are not human as you would expect, ( that is unless you know my daughter ) . Lara has also done all the art work in the book including both the front and back cover, as she is an artist and I enjoyed proof reading the book for her and look forward to doing the same for the next book which she is getting ready to write.

Lara has created a new web site for the book  if you would like to take a look, I know there are some of you on my blog list that have also written books, below is a picture of the front cover of Lara's book.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Carrying on the chunky organic feel to my new collection of autumn/winter necklaces, I am enjoying it so much! Even though I have been doing some Kumihimo braidingwhich is fun!

I came across some faceted white quartz which I felt was interesting enough for a red white and black theme. I had been wanting to use a red faux cinnabar butterfly focal bead but until I found the lovely white quartz gemstone nothing seemed right. I chose vintage brass and gold plated beads as a rich contrast and I had previously hammered some bronze which I wanted to use, I decided to use ebony wood beads, a hand rolled Polymer bead and some of my Fair Trade Ugandan paper beads carried through the red theme! The vintage brass chain has hand dyed silk threaded through it which gives an interesting finish and brings it all together. 

I bought the hand dyed silk thread from Lorraine of Colour compliments on Etsy, she also hand dyes perle cotton among other wonderful items. Well worth a look!

Like the last two necklaces in my autumn collection this necklace is a long graceful one which would look gorgeous and give a lift to darker colours any time. Offered here first just email me if its your sort of thing and you would like to add to your collection.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Do you like surprises? Let me tell you about the sweet surprise I had just a couple of weeks ago., from a long time friend of mine, we go back to the days when we both started out with soft sculpture art, making collectable animals in mohair and alpaca etc. We had so much fun although we didn't live close to one another but kept in touch by phone each week, sharing our inspiration and family lives what the children were up to etc, good times and  bad you probably know the kind of thing!

My friend still makes soft sculpture animals although I gave it up when I injured my wrist some years back and I go and check her web site whenever she puts up new work. One day a little rabbit named Albertine appeared on the web site, she was so sweet and exactly the colour of the beautiful rose she was named for, time passed and Albertine was still there I couldn't believe it, nor could my friend!

Then a couple of weeks ago a box arrived in the post for me, well I had no idea what it could be, I couldn't have been more surprised when I opened the box and sitting in the pretty blue tissue was Albertine....!!!! Of course I phoned my friend right away and thanked her for such a lovely gift, I thought you might like to see Albertine, isn't she adorable!
My friend is Amanda Ferguson and her web site is


Sunday, 7 September 2014


I simply had to make another of these organic necklaces I enjoyed making the first one so much!

This time I got out a strand of huge Garnet faceted rounds, much too heavy to wear as a necklace on their own so I picked three of them and decided to embellish them with some Polymer leaves in old gold to add some interest, I then picked out some Fair Trade Ugandan paper beads made once again by the ladies, in three sizes in lovely soft warm colours, I added some interesting tree seed beads and four huge bronze/gold baroque coin pearls keeping with the warm gold theme and a couple of my green and gold Polymer leaves for contrst. Then I hammered some bronze to make the shapes so I could add a double strand of leather for round the neck.

I have had great fun designing these necklaces so far and making them up and I would like to offer this one here as well before it goes to The Portland Gallery so if it is your kind of thing or you are looking for something a bit different shoot me an email!


Sunday, 31 August 2014


I always get so inspired when I do Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party and this year was no exception. But for the autumn I decided to do something completely different, for me that is! If you follow my blog you will know exactly what I mean when you see the pictures. 

Some years ago I was tempted to buy some strands of very large gemstone beads, I don't make chunky jewellery and the beads were very heavy so they got put away and more or less forgotten.

Sorting out my boxes recently I came across them, as the inspiration for now is something organic looking I got out this wonderful strand of large Labradorite gemstone beads. I decided to use just six of the beads. I have been buying wood and tree seed beads to expand the organic theme so I picked out wood beads using some of my favourite extra large Ugandan Fair Trade paper beads ( these are made by women who have suffered hardship and brutality ) to add a bit of colour, not much weight added there!  The vintage brass beads I think worked well. It is beaded on a double strand of fine leather. I added the vintage copper chain and a copper bead, it fastens with a copper S hook. I do have more photos, it is going down to The Portland Gallery as the owner fell in love with it but if you love it and want it just email me as I wanted to offer it here first.

Thank you for reading my blog

Saturday, 19 July 2014


I haven't posted in a little while as  I have been working on some new collections which I will be putting up at some stage and telling you a bit about, meanwhile I have this pretty bracelet on the web site . 

Aqua is such a lovely cool colour, it makes me think of the sea.  The lampwork and pearls really look lovely together with just a scattering of Swarovski crystals, I love this colour and wear it a lot. Enjoy!


Sunday, 29 June 2014


Today is the day, I have been looking forward to this blog hop organised by Michelle Buettner   or if you prefer you can access the hop here this is the direct link to the InLinkz page

 I hope anyone coming to visit my blog will take a look at all the wonderful pearl creations everyone has been making for the reveal. 

You can see my new bracelet in silver pink pearls with lamp work beads, and three necklaces below! The first necklace is white pearls with Rose Quartz and Rhodonite cubes pretty for summer don't you think! The second necklace is white Keshi and Stick Pearls with Tourmaline finished with a silver chain. The third necklace is gorgeous Peach Pearls, with peach lampwork that I bought specially from Earthshine beads at Etsy as I thought it was so pretty and went so well with these pearls I added two little Czech glass leaves and some more lampwork rondelles in a light green from my stash. So there you have it I hope you enjoyed taking a look! And maybe visit me again sometime.  All four items  are available at present I just havn't had time to put them on the web site yet!


Friday, 27 June 2014


Hi Dawn you have won the ribbon and bead necklace. I am not on Google + so can't seem to find any way to contact you, can you please get in touch with me and send your full name and address, thank you.

That is the end of the giveaways for the time being. I will be back with a post on Sunday 29th   for the Pearls - Pearls - Pearls Blog Hop that Michelle Buettner of  is hosting looks like it will be a fun time!


Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Today the winner of the Labradorite and bronze pendant is Amber Dawn if you want to use it as a pendant and a pin you can attach a brooch finding and turn it into a brooch, doing double duty your choice! 


Tuesday, 24 June 2014


And the winner of the first draw for the earrings is Veralynne Malone!
Please get in touch with me Varalynne.

The second draw will be Wednesday so keep a look out come back to my blog it could be your name that was picked out with the random generator. Best of luck.


Sunday, 22 June 2014


I am really late with my giveaways this time but I am still doing them, there are three and the first one is to be drawn tomorrow, Monday 23rd - Second one will be drawn Wednesday - The third one on Friday. I am putting pictures of all of them below in order starting with Monday's giveaway so you can see, then if you want to opt out you can just email me or leave me a comment. Ok first up is...................


These were all made from my Bead Soup this year and the descriptions can be found below in my original post on the reveal. Good luck!


Monday, 26 May 2014


Just a quick note to let you all know I am still going around your blogs so don't be surprised if I pop up at your place soon. 

The computer hard drive gave up on my 2 year old computer and we had to fit a new one so I have lost a lot of stuff and am trying to sort out.
I will be doing the giveaways probably in a couple of weeks to give everyone like me a chance to leave a comment and get a try for them. Thanks for reading this.


Saturday, 10 May 2014


Well here it is at last the day to reveal what we have made with the soup our partner or partners sent us. First I would like to thank Lori Anderson who although she has been so ill made the decision to hold the party again this year, bravo Lori.

Ok here goes my first partner was Hannah Annear her blog is at Wordpress
You can see in a post below the items both of my partners sent me. I used the piece of Labradorite to make a focal with some lovely bronze wire which I hammered and textured it could actually be used as a focal on a chain or with the addition of a pin a brooch.                                                                                                                                   

My second partner was Sarah Strover of 
I had a lovely assortment of items to challenge me from Sarah. First up is a necklace, the focal was most unusual, I used two of the smaller green goldstone beads above it and I really liked how the Moonstone nuggets looked with the white wash that had been used on the carving. I felt the five Ugandan paper beads gave a feeling of spring freshness to enlarge on that I made two leaves of Polymer Clay and used a couple of my round red and green clay beads for a pop of colour I finished off with some of Sarah's silvery feathers and the clasp she sent me. Oh yes I added a bit of chain and some tiny silver beads.

I made a pair of earrings with the rest of the feathers Sarah sent and a second pair with some really cute glass pepper lamp work beads.

Next I made a ribbon necklace with the Kokou seed beads ( not sure if I got the name right) I had some gold ones in my stash so added two of those and threaded them onto hand dyed silk, I could have knotted between the beads but then they couldn't be moved up or down to change the pattern so I left them free for now.

The last piece I made was a composite of Hannah Annears pretty flower Clasp and Sara's beads with the addition of some faceted Aquamarine, silver beads and bead caps and tiny freshwater pearls from my stash. I used Sarah's Kashmiri Lac bead for the focal, more of the lovely green goldstone rounds she sent me and a pair of green tree Agate beads. I put two pictures below so you can see the whole necklace with Hannah's clasp.

Well that's it for this year folks, I will be doing some giveaways, not decided what yet though if you are interested please mention you would like to be included in the draw when you leave a comment.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, every comment is much appreciated.

Here is a link to the rest of the party, I hope will enjoy visiting some of the other blogs!