Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I did get to my ABS challenge a bit earlier this month thank goodness, as I had sold my Tai Chi Impression brooches at the Art Trail, I decided to make more brooches and also a few more pendants, as I really enjoy the minature painting, getting the movement into these small figures is fun!

The painting chosen this time was by Charles Sheeler and it was on a Shaker theme which is rather different, the buildings have lots of angles and shadows making interesting shapes within shapes as you can see in the picture below. If you would like to read more about the artist or the ABS Challenge here is the link - http://artbeadscene.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/may-monthly-challenge.html

I decided on a pendant and mixed a softer silvery blue clay from the left hand angle of the painting for my background, I use white to paint the figures but add in tones, ( I like doing this bit ) a branch of dark wood cherry blossom picked out some more of the colours from the painting, being spring and the cherry blossom is just about out here I thought it would be nice to add some. You can see my finished painting on the pendant below.

I am off to add paintings to some more brooches this afternoon if you are interested in any of my Tai Chi Impressions or any of my other work you can email me they are for sale!

I would love it if you could spare a moment to leave me a comment I do reply personally to all comments unless you are on google + and I am unable to do so, be assured they are very much appreciated though.



Now that the Art Trail is over I can look back and honestly say I will never do it again at The Space, it was not a good venue for some reason it really didn't work well a great disappointment to most if not all of us and it won't be held there next year. 

I sold a little mostly and surpriseingly my Tai Chi Impressions brooches went well and some little cards of my art paintings. So this is a very short post as there is really nothing to tell, it was an experience but next year its back to my open house or share one with a friend, are well you live and learn!

 Tai Chi Sword.


Monday, 2 May 2016


This year I am taking part in the 2nd Ilfracombe Art Trail, we are not doing an open house this year though. I am at The Space and I will have my daughter who is an artist and published author with me on Sunday but Saturday I will be mostly on my own, there are a number of artists exhibiting as The Space is large so plenty of room.

I am not ready at all as my work room has been having a makeover and the ceiling had to be replaced as the roof above was leaking so that got fixed first, I ended up with a large hole in the corner of the ceiling and it has been on-going for over a month now and everything has had to come out so the studio is full with stuff so no Tai Chi either...!!! The weather has been too cold and windy to train in the park so I will be so glad to see it all finished and everything back in the workroom again.

I will be taking some of the pendants I made for the Art Bead Scene challenges with me as well as some of the Impressions collection of pendants also maybe some hand dyed silk Kumihimo necklaces and some gorgeous vintage silk scarves I made along with some of my art cards of my own paintings.

 Love to get comments if you have a minute, thank you.