Monday, 25 March 2013


Well as it is getting closer to the reveals I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the soup I sent to my partner Cathy Jakicic, Cathy is the editor of Bead Style Magazine and she sent me an amazing soup full of all sorts of things, she had picked the spring colour of greens and blues and I have had such fun making several lovely items from it as I said in my previous post can't show you till the April 6th but here is what Cathy sent me!

Cathys Soup to me

Soup I sent Cathy

Sunday, 24 March 2013


It will soon be that time again when we reveal our bead soup to the blogging world, the first reveal will start on 30th April. I am part of the second reveal so my turn will come on 6th April, I have already nmade several items but I mustn't give anything away till the day.

I have been making other things as well and as it has been too cold and damp in the garden to start out there. Although I do have some flowers in bloom Narcissi and my early Camellia Haru Gasumi and lots of Hellebors, I notice the beautiful double flowered Magnolia Vulcan has shed some of the furry jackets from its buds, I do wish it had waited a bit as the weather is unseasonably cold with strong winds and I so look forward to seeing the wonderful display this magnificent little tree puts forth, so I hope the flowers won't all be ruined!

I have been sewing, for Easter I have made my sister a scarf from a piece of beautiful vintage kimono silk it is so pretty full of spring flowers and soft as a butterfly wing!  I shall be making more scarves and some ascots/cravats to sell later on hopefully.

vintage silk scarf  for my sister, much prettier colour than the picture
Imperial Jasper with five Amethyst Cabochons I made this before Christmas