Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The weather is improving and I have been able to get into the garden, the beds have been too wet to walk on till now as there has been a lot of rain.

It is wonderful to take my coffee outside and sit and feed the fish, while I plan what I will be doing next, so far I have planted some lovely blue grape hyacinths also snowdrops bought in the green to add to the ones already there I bought two variety's as I just love them. About the middle of the border I planted Digitalis Camelot Rose and near the front a beautiful Primrose, deep blue with silvery white edge it is a nice big plant which I will probably have to split next year the yellow and pink Primroses are out and the primulas have buds! 
I transplanted a lot of the bright pink small gladioli they grow wild on the continent and seem to like my garden too. 

As we are on the coast we usually get mild springs though the winter gales can get very cold but the garden now it is mature seems to have its own micro climate and I can grow tree ferns outside all year and the Hedychium Gardnerianum (ginger) grows huge it had eight flower spikes last year as there was so much warmth and sun. 

I keep some of my Cymbidium orchids out all year too as they won't flower in the house, though I do very well with Phalanopsis etc, if they don't succumb to mealy bug. I was clear of that pest for years then bought in a plant quarantined it for a month then put it in the display and eventually had to get rid of more than a dozen of my miniatures it was heart breaking and I felt like giving up. Once that mealy bug is established it seems impossible to eradicate.

The double Magnolia Vulcan is gorgeous this year with no cold winds to brown the edges of the blossom it is a picture against the blue sky, I have put a couple of pictures below of Vulcan and the ginger.

I have more planting to do so will be going out later this morning.