Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I have not been writing my blog as my computer went down never to rise again...!!!  I have managed to afford a new one but of course everything has changed in the ten years my dear old computer lasted, so I am getting to grips with things being in a different place or no longer available, can't find this or that but I really wanted to get back to writing my blog again, so here I am, if there is anyone out there reading me or have you all given up! I wouldn't blame you a bit, anyway if you are reading this I decided I would write a little bit about my interest in Tai Chi.

I have been studying Tai Chi for a few years now and really love it. Last month I passed my assessment to become an instructor, I am so thrilled that I have achieved this with study and hard work, in fact I haven't got my certificate yet, it takes a while to come through I have been told.

I have been working on a new collection of Tai Chi pendants my instructor wanted me to make some so I have made a few prototypes I am calling them Impressions of Tai Chi they are hand painted Polymer and I am working on some at the moment, I have tried to get some movement and flow into these tiny figures although I have found miniature paintings quite tricky to do, as my paintings are usually a good bit bigger! I have added something to the back of each pendant as well. I have put one below so you can see the back and front.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.