Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kimono Silk and Camellias!

I decided it was about time I posted again, I have not been so well in recent weeks but it has passed away now and I am feeling much better. I just need a bit of sunshine to pick me right up, I expect you all know the feeling.

The weather here on the west coast has been so mild, mild and wet I should add, we seem to have sprung leaks in places where there were none before! Today has been sunny and bright though but a lot cooler and I really feel inspired to move forward with some projects I have been thinking about over the winter.

First off I am a bit of a collector of beautiful fabrics as well as beads etc. This Christmas I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts. I have collected wonderful silks and wool fabric intended for kimono they are so beautiful, some are hand painted and many are hand dyed. So I set to and made a silk scarf for my sister it has a milk chocolate background with flowers and vines in dusky purples and reds and white it went really well with the pendant I gave her and she loved it!
A friend received a silk scarf in white with tiny raindrops of pink and rich pink, green and yellow butterflies just so pretty and as Amanda's favourite colour is pink it was an excellent choice.

Another friend Joan prefers dark colours so I had a lovely piece of wool in indigo with a diamond pattern in white, where the diamonds crossed tiny butterflies of white and orange in several different sizes adorned the fabric, I made another for myself its just right for this time of year!

So maybe I will be making scarves for sale as well as jewellery, I would also like to get back to some needlefelting soon it has been so long since I did anything but that will wait till the spring I think, there never seems to be enough days in the weeks or hours in the day I will have to start making a timetable but I doubt if I would stick to it lol.

The photo I took last year of one of my camellias this was April/May this year it already has blooms which is incredible even my early camellia is not in bloom yet, so I wonder why this should be, the only thing I can think is it is even more sheltered at the bottom of the garden in that corner.