Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Carrying on the chunky organic feel to my new collection of autumn/winter necklaces, I am enjoying it so much! Even though I have been doing some Kumihimo braidingwhich is fun!

I came across some faceted white quartz which I felt was interesting enough for a red white and black theme. I had been wanting to use a red faux cinnabar butterfly focal bead but until I found the lovely white quartz gemstone nothing seemed right. I chose vintage brass and gold plated beads as a rich contrast and I had previously hammered some bronze which I wanted to use, I decided to use ebony wood beads, a hand rolled Polymer bead and some of my Fair Trade Ugandan paper beads carried through the red theme! The vintage brass chain has hand dyed silk threaded through it which gives an interesting finish and brings it all together. 

I bought the hand dyed silk thread from Lorraine of Colour compliments on Etsy, she also hand dyes perle cotton among other wonderful items. Well worth a look!

Like the last two necklaces in my autumn collection this necklace is a long graceful one which would look gorgeous and give a lift to darker colours any time. Offered here first just email me if its your sort of thing and you would like to add to your collection.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Do you like surprises? Let me tell you about the sweet surprise I had just a couple of weeks ago., from a long time friend of mine, we go back to the days when we both started out with soft sculpture art, making collectable animals in mohair and alpaca etc. We had so much fun although we didn't live close to one another but kept in touch by phone each week, sharing our inspiration and family lives what the children were up to etc, good times and  bad you probably know the kind of thing!

My friend still makes soft sculpture animals although I gave it up when I injured my wrist some years back and I go and check her web site whenever she puts up new work. One day a little rabbit named Albertine appeared on the web site, she was so sweet and exactly the colour of the beautiful rose she was named for, time passed and Albertine was still there I couldn't believe it, nor could my friend!

Then a couple of weeks ago a box arrived in the post for me, well I had no idea what it could be, I couldn't have been more surprised when I opened the box and sitting in the pretty blue tissue was Albertine....!!!! Of course I phoned my friend right away and thanked her for such a lovely gift, I thought you might like to see Albertine, isn't she adorable!
My friend is Amanda Ferguson and her web site is


Sunday, 7 September 2014


I simply had to make another of these organic necklaces I enjoyed making the first one so much!

This time I got out a strand of huge Garnet faceted rounds, much too heavy to wear as a necklace on their own so I picked three of them and decided to embellish them with some Polymer leaves in old gold to add some interest, I then picked out some Fair Trade Ugandan paper beads made once again by the ladies, in three sizes in lovely soft warm colours, I added some interesting tree seed beads and four huge bronze/gold baroque coin pearls keeping with the warm gold theme and a couple of my green and gold Polymer leaves for contrst. Then I hammered some bronze to make the shapes so I could add a double strand of leather for round the neck.

I have had great fun designing these necklaces so far and making them up and I would like to offer this one here as well before it goes to The Portland Gallery so if it is your kind of thing or you are looking for something a bit different shoot me an email!