Monday, 9 July 2012

And This is What I sent my Bead Soup Blog Partner

I think It is always a bit hit and miss sending things which while being a challenge, will also make the process enjoyable, I had a good look at the sort of things my partner jó was useing and decided to send a pallette of pinks which is maybe a bit different to the colours she usually works with and I am hopeing she will enjoy useing them.
So I sent a strand of freshwater pearls pink of course a large faceted Rose Quartz briolette and a pair of smaller ones, a pair of lampwork beads, a pair of faceted black Jasper briolettes, some of my precious vintage jet Czech cathederal beads ( I love those ) a hand made Polymer clay pendant, two clasps and a length of vintage brass chain.
I am looking forward to seeing what Jó will make with these things, the light was dreadful when I took the picture as the weather here has been aweful so it is not as clear as I would like. I am really looking forward to visiting as many blogs as I can....... See you at the big reveal.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


This will be my third Bead Soup with Lori Anderson. My partner is from Italy 
Giorgia Rossini, I received my soup from her on the 6th so I thought I would show it on my blog for everyone to see, it came in colourful little bags and a gift of some earrings for me from Jó. Thank you Jó.

This is the reveal date for our soup, I already have some ideas and luckily I have plenty of time to put them into practice!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


The necklace I am showing today has no clay in it and is from the other side of my jewellery designing. It was created earlier this year inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery that was auctioned at the end of last year, more precisely that wonderful pearl drop La Perigrina given to her by Richard Burton on Valentines day 1969. It is said the pearl was discovered off the coast of Panama in the 1500's and once belonged to King PhillipII of Spain. I am afraid my pearl does not have such illustrious provenance but it is a beautiful high class AAA pearl. So I thought it aught to hang from a suitable necklace too.

The necklace is strung with three sizes of freshwater pearls, rubies and green onyx as my little emeralds had such tiny holes I couldn't string them! The strands of pearls are seperated by beautiful silver flowers links. The circular centre piece is silver it was hand made by a silversmith and set with three rubies and three emeralds with a freshwater pearl in the centre. The pearl drop which is half drilled hangs below a strand of tiny pearls and rubies it is capped with silver. The clasp is lovely it is pearl and one of only two vintage ones I was able to buy a while back. I found it quite difficult to get a good picture but it is quite beautiful and special much nicer than the photos, as these thing usually are.

It is for sale just contact me if you are interested!