Monday, 22 October 2012


I have been working on some fun pendants & earrings for the winter which can be worn for the holidays too! I made a template for a fir tree one of those lovely forest trees you see in parks sometimes with branches spreading right down to the ground not the poor things in plantations with not enough room to breath lol. I embellished them with some silvery sparkles for frost or snow and added a star to top them off, as it seemed to be the right place where a star might be seen in the night sky! 

The ones in the first photo are flat with moonstone stars, the three in the centre photo I gave some leaves/needles stars are moonstone, yellow stone and pink glass. The two in the last photo have white freshwater pearl stars

Anyway I thought this was an appropriate moment to put up photographs, they were made for my daughter, sister and myself but I do have some spares for sale if you feel in need of a seasonal fir tree or two, please email me.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The winner of my earring giveaway is Birgit!
Please do take a look at her blog for those of you that don't know her she has a fantastic blog full of gorgeous photographs, especially the ones she took of Munich's Special Carnival, what a wonderful festival that must be wish I had been there!