Friday, 24 October 2014


Perhaps this is a slight deviation from my organic trend in this necklace or maybe its not really.

The beautiful old Chinese pendant was the inspiration, I have been wanting to use it for quite a while, I love the colours green and lavender its so fresh! I believe it is Jade and depicts two fish with a water lily and lily pads, or should I say Lotus flower anyway it is lovely and unusual. The beads I chose are smooth amethyst a bit organic and its finished with a hand dyed silk ribbon of exactly the right colour there is a little sterling silver S clasp under the ribbon so you don't need to undo the ribbon to fasten it! 

It is not easy to get a sharp close up picture of the focal but I have put one up anyway. 

I am offering it here to my blog readers first then it will go on the web site and Facebook next week.

Thank you your comments are really appreciated

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I am so excited and very proud of my daughter Lara, she has just published her first book  Danger in the Darkness. It is a fantasy novel set in another world and the characters are not human as you would expect, ( that is unless you know my daughter ) . Lara has also done all the art work in the book including both the front and back cover, as she is an artist and I enjoyed proof reading the book for her and look forward to doing the same for the next book which she is getting ready to write.

Lara has created a new web site for the book  if you would like to take a look, I know there are some of you on my blog list that have also written books, below is a picture of the front cover of Lara's book.