Sunday, 21 February 2010

One World One Heart winners

At last I am able to publish the winners of my giveaways, I had to wait a bit as one person was unable to contact me, I have really enjoyed doing this and hope to join in again next year if it is still going.
The winner of my necklace is Jasmine of Natures Whispers blog, Jasmine makes the most beautiful embellished felt scarves and felt necklaces I am not sure how to put links to sites yet as it won't copy and paste!
The winner of the freeform Forest Heart is Linda of The Briar Rose Gate who does the most delightful animal paintings.
The winner of the second freeform Forest Heart is Sharon of SharDon Exclusives, Sharon makes elegant beaded jewellery.
I will have some new things to write about in the journal later this week but need to take some photos first.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Another Giveaway

Well I am both surprised and delighted to find there were so many comments on my giveaway, thank you all so very much. I am also thrilled that I now have some new followers and what I would love to do is another little giveway ( not sure just what yet though ), for all of my new followers, I will draw this the same day as the other two. I will let the winners of all the giveaways know by the 16th/17th as I will be away tomorrow and unable to complete the draw. I have some more of your blogs to get to this evening before it all closes down so I had better hurry!