Sunday, 18 December 2016


I have not been able to blog for a quite a while nor make any of my Polymer pendants, as things at home have been moving along with my husband now on the critical list with his heart and still no appointment to get it sorted, and he is no longer able to work.

I find my time taken up where before my days were my own to order, I had a schedule I followed, now I find I have become a bit aimless and get quite frustrated, that time I would have laid aside for my clay, experimentation, Tai Chi etc no longer works in that once smooth way that it did.  These things happen in life and I did spend my usual time in the summer painting in small grabbed moments of pleasant solitude listening to music as I painted and I have been enjoying a little claying last week, till my darling daughter passed on to me a virus so here I sit at the computer hoping I can finish this before I have to go back to bed lol!

Below you will see the result of my little clay experiments. the organic oval beads I impressed quite heavily and added sparkle and mica powders. The pendant has quite a lot going on as you can see with some painting a little stamping and some engraving, it was fun to do. The Inspiration was from this gorgeous stained glass . See it on..

 America Windows, 1977,  By Marc Chagall
Stained glass, 96 x 385 in. (244 x 978 cm) (overall)
Here are the Beads


This is the pendant

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