Monday, 7 July 2008

Pet Portraits

Hi guys,
it's Lara here. I thought I'd make a post and tell you about some of the artwork I'm doing. I have a variety of talents artwise. I can make things in clay, draw, paint (although I prefer to paint on things like t-shirts and figures as opposed to just canvas or paper), I do some digital art, I can needlefelt and mostly I work in traditional media.

I thought I would tell you about my pet portraits course in this post. I started the course last year with London Art College, for a diploma in pet portraits and it finishes next month. I've come pretty far since then and although I still struggle sometimes, I am getting the hang of it for the most part.
A few of my images can be seen on my Storm Artists gallery, those are the ones I'm most proud of. My latest piece that I sent off to be marked by my tutor (the course is one you do from home) is this, a 5 picture montage of my cat, Borris.
I think you can click on it for a bigger one although I did resize it. The full sized version is in my gallery.
I am proud of this, I like the top two images and the middle coloured one. The bottom two images aren't as good. I captured his personality in the coloured one very well even though the head's symmetry is a little off. I am very critical of my work as you can tell lol!
I worked from photos for this. I had prepared quite a while ago for this particular piece of coursework, it involved taking a lot of photos of the animal and choosing five favourites. I always take lot of photos of my cat and make videos of him too. A few of the photos have been just by chance and I've caught him in lots of cute poses.
This is one of the pieces I sent in for marking, along with a portrait of a horses' head. You can also see the horses' head in my gallery.
I hope to be good enough to sell these since I love drawing animals and I always have ever since I was a small child. I have three more pieces of coursework to do before the course ends and I'm waiting to see what my tutor thinks of my cat, Borris and the horse!
Please let me know what you think! I don't get many comments on my pet portraits since I only really post them on Storm Artists and not many people watch me there just yet.



ChezChani said...

I love love LOVE the pictures of Boris! Got me into a little trouble with my kitties though. They don't understand why I can't do stuff like that.

Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Lara, How lucky you are to have such a talent. I can't imagine your tutor will have anything but praise for you! Teresa M.

mygemstonebox said...

Sooooo talented...drawing and jewelry : )
Beautiful work, do you plan on adding drawings to your etsy shop or perhaps opening a seperate shop?

Annette Piper said...

Wow! So much talent in one package!!! Beautiful work :)

BluMoon said...

Thank you for the nice comments! I plan to do commissions of the pet portraits at some point.