Friday, 18 September 2009

Grand Sale

Well here I am again, the web site redesign is finally finished all is uploaded and we are starting out with a Grand Sale up to 60% off, at to clear the way for new things we want to showcase. The site has been redesigned with our multi media art in mind so there will be more art jewellery, art, sculptures etc all in their own galleries, we have lots of ideas for the future and lots of new things to go on the web site.

I finished a new watercolour painting yesterday from my July trip to Ireland of Glenveagh Castle and gardens, now I just need to buy a frame and mount sometime, as I only have smaller ones left. I really do find it quite relaxing to be painting again. Soon the evenings will draw in and the light will not be so good, I am enjoying while I can, the lovely sunshine we are getting in this Indian Summer even though the nights can get quite cool now. There have been some gorgeous sunsets though!

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ChezChani said...

That is just stunning!

The link for your shop did not work for might not be right. It has an @ in it which I've never seen in a website URL.