Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Year New Ideas?

I am not quite sure this is the right title as I seem to be all out of good ideas and inspiration right now. I think it must be a combination of the old virus thing I got Christmas day and seems to have left me with lethagy and an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom or maybe it is the unacustomed cold in my part of the world. Whatever it is I need to shake it off fast, I have had a look at all my inspirational pictures, done the colour thing, got out wool and beads sorted pearls all to no avail, my muse has deserted me I know it won't be forever and I really need to concentrate on spring making everything new and fresh. It is not that I haven't tried any ideas I have, I just can't seem to make them take shape on paper or in clay. Maybe I am trying too hard perhaps I should sit down with a good book and just wait for it to happen.

Is anyone else feeling like this at this time of year?

A new year, new start is such a wonderful feeling, what will the year bring and what will we bring to it. I shall leave this post with a necklace I made just before Christmas for a dinner I went to with my daughter. Made with amazing silvered lampwork lentils, I had just enough of the gorgeous matching stick pearls, it is like they were just waiting for these lovely lampwork beads made by Connie Poggi, I added some black onyx rondelles and a sprinkling of gold fill spacers and my favourite S clasp. Perhaps just posting will galvanise me into action who knows!

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Pretty Things said...

I love love LOVE that necklace!!