Sunday, 14 February 2010

Another Giveaway

Well I am both surprised and delighted to find there were so many comments on my giveaway, thank you all so very much. I am also thrilled that I now have some new followers and what I would love to do is another little giveway ( not sure just what yet though ), for all of my new followers, I will draw this the same day as the other two. I will let the winners of all the giveaways know by the 16th/17th as I will be away tomorrow and unable to complete the draw. I have some more of your blogs to get to this evening before it all closes down so I had better hurry!

1 comment:

xashee's corner said...

popping in to ask if you announced the winner of OWOH yet!? i would have entered this one too but i am not a follower as i struggle with my husband's computer daily! anyways, i thought the giveaway was a blast and thank you for hosting such fun! :)