Monday, 4 October 2010

New shop on Ruby Plaza

We have just opened a shop on Ruby Plaza, I have not put any of The Gold Collection pieces of jewellery in as I would prefer to put them on our own web site at least for now but there are some lovely gemstone necklaces, a bracelet and earrings, I shall be adding more during the weeks to come. The link to the shop is on the right just click it and you will be taken right to it.

The decision to try a shop was not taken lightly and hopefully it will work out, if you have never been to Ruby Plaza it is a sister online shopping mall to Ruby Lane,.I didn't find it very easy to begin with as there are so many do's and dont's lol.

There are such a lot of these places online now days it is a bit difficult to know just what would suit us best. Artfire seems quite good, so does DaWanda UK although nothing seems to be moving very fast in the present climate and I do think you can overstretch yourself and spend so much time putting items up on these places etc there is no time left for creating. Having said that I am hopeless at the selling side of things can't seem to manage it at all well, I think I have lost the art of writing good content over the years, although I used to enjoy writing and even wrote articles for a magazine at one time. I hope maybe someone will take a look at the new shop.

My autumn necklace this year is of course a Gold Collection piece. The strung necklace is peach moonstones with grey moonstone stars. I just couldn't resist these beautiful Jasper stones, they remind me of wild places in the dawn, just as the sun is coming up, streams with reeds, home to swans and birds aahhh what it is to dream!


Desert Rubble said...

Love the new shop! But I went to your website and their are some truly inspirational things in the Gold Collection, bravo!

BluMoon said...

Lyn I am so glad you liked the Gold Collection, I have so many more necklaces and pendants made just have not had the time to put them up!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Beautiful new shop! Your jewelry is wonderful!!!

Cindy said...

Glad to find your shop via Lori Anderson as well... your jewelry is so rich and gorgeous - just beautiful!

ruthie said...

Good luck with your new shop, i'm sure it will do well selling all your beautiful creations. Thank you for visiting faerietale x x

Deci said...

your jewelry is exquisite! Thank you for visiting my blog "Gem Trails" today.
I am your newest follower with Google Friend Connect.
(One request, I would love to have your RSS feed on my home page, there is a button if you go to the design tab on your blog>add a gadget.)