Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Silver Lodge is no More!

We have at last changed the name of our web site from The Silver Lodge to Kydo Jewellery, as the name was no longer appropriate. It is rather sad in a way but we hope the new name and new inspiration will bring its rewards as we start afresh.

Lara chose the name KYDO and it does have a meaning it stands for KEEP YOUR DREAMS ORIGINAL, which seemed just perfect, for the new collection of art jewellery The Gold Collection, created from gold polymer clay and set with Jaspers, Agates, pearls, fossils and coloured gemstones, among other beautiful stones I have sourced over many months which will be appearing on the web site over the next weeks. The collection is themed around nature with leaves playing a large part especially ferns, as they will soon start to unfurl, a little later this year as the weather has been so cold.

Everything is still not quite sorted as we can receive email on our new address but can't reply as our internet provider won't send it through, so we are useing the silverlodge address at present until its sorted; it is really annoying though!

Let me show you one of the new pendants on the web site. The stone is a very large mystic quartz the fine gold vermeil chain is embellished with Swarovski Crystals.


Karen Williams said...

Congratulations on the name change. A great sentiment to keep in mind.

Took me a moment to figure out who you were on the Bead soup list, though. :)

ruthie said...

I love the new name x

Islandgirl said...

Congrats on the new name! I don't have any Camillia's wonder if they would grow here... Somethings don't like the salt water... we woke up to snow this morning.. actually I guess maybe it's freezing white rain as the temp is 0! but it's covered up my grass and croci!