Friday, 18 January 2013


I love vintage and antique fabrics especially the exquisite silk kimono panels and kimono and jackets (Haori) I collect. I have only been a collector of these beautiful fabrics for a relatively short time just a few  years and learning all the time.
My daughter has caught the collecting bug to a lesser extent and has several lovely silk Haori's and a pretty cotton Yukata she wears in the summer. It has been fun wearing these to the theatre and they are always admired and we enjoy telling people about them and how well they were looked after which is why they are still in such wonderful condition and perfectly wearable, I often wonder who owned them and what stories they could tell...!!!
From some of the silk and one of the wool panels I have made scarves for my daughter, sister and friends I think I should start doing something with some of the panels again this year as it is a shame for such beautiful fabric to lie unseen on a cupboard shelf when it could be worn and admired.
The Orchid kimono below is rather unusual and pretty and the haori is gorgeous the embroidery is silver and gold roses and foliage. The three silk panels I think are very beautiful.




Hi Jackie, how are you?
Are you in this edition of BSBP? I can't find your name...
I hope you and your family are all ok, kisses from Italy :)

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful Jackie Xx