Sunday, 16 June 2013


I have managed to get out in the garden the last two weeks, I was determined to make the most of the sunshine, after last year and all that rain and very little sun in my part of the world I was really ready for the sun.

First I cut down a small Magnolia that had more or less died for some reason, it would never recover so it got the chop, well actually I sawed it down as the trunk was not thick and we chopped it up.

Another small tree to come down that had actually outgrown its spot and was leaning badly to one side with multiple trunks took a bit more work and had to be done over a couple of days. This tree had almost pushed my lovely little crab apple over.  Both trees were covered with clematis C Freckles which is totally rampant and has been rampaging from one end to the other on one side of my small but long narrow garden.

Freckles is a pretty clematis  with a slight scent, when we pulled the branches down covered in clematis this is what we found!
Blue Tit nest filled with downy Dandelion seed heads
Blue Tit nest woven with moss side view

I don't think the nest had been used and I was sad to think maybe the birds had built it for a second nest  this year and now it will be too late to build another. Here is a picture of the Clematis C Freckles flowers .
Photo taken Jan 2012

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Anonymous said...

ooooh love the birds nest and the flower is gorgeous Jackie xx