Saturday, 3 May 2014


This is my first post in a while not because I had nothing to post about but quite simply because I was ill yet again this time Lara bought home the virus! I seem to have spent the last few months ( since before Christmas ) sick with just a break between of three weeks. Well I am ploughing my way through this one and spending a lot of the night coughing I am really fed up with it and I am usually so healthy! Enough said this is not what I want to write about.

I have made all the pieces for the great reveal next week. Made before the virus kicked in.

But I wanted to make something with a few pretty lampwork beads I had collected, they are a tablet shape with little white flowers I decided on a bracelet, the lampwork looked really sweet with some of my white freshwater pearls but I felt it needed something else, I found some tiny silver beads worked very well. I thought I might make a simple S clasp from some Parawire I had bought ages ago, I fancied doing some hammering and Parawire hammers really well I discovered. I do love hammering there is nothing so satisfying, I think I would like to buy some small texturing hammers if there is such a thing, have to find out! I know this is not a great picture as the light was not good, the result you can see in the photo below it is for sale of course!



Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Pretty bracelet, Jackie :)

I hope you get a break from these constant viruses soon... perhaps with the warmer weather :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful Jackie, Love the pearl and the blue look together.

I've been sick also - never get sick wow was I wrong this one is a whipper, yup whipped me right back to bed for days and days. I'm ready to move on also but it won't let go.
Hope you are feeling better.

Sarah said...

So simple and delicate! And I love the clasp, too.

Anitha said...

Lovely bracelets! Love the beads I between the pearls.

ranjitha@Hookingtheyarn said...

I love pearls. They can add beauty to anything. Lovely bracelet. I've also bought a few tools for jewellery making but still a beginner. :-)
My first visit here. Will stop by often :-)