Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I am so excited and very proud of my daughter Lara, she has just published her first book  Danger in the Darkness. It is a fantasy novel set in another world and the characters are not human as you would expect, ( that is unless you know my daughter ) . Lara has also done all the art work in the book including both the front and back cover, as she is an artist and I enjoyed proof reading the book for her and look forward to doing the same for the next book which she is getting ready to write.

Lara has created a new web site for the book  http://gryphiesaga.co.uk/  if you would like to take a look, I know there are some of you on my blog list that have also written books, below is a picture of the front cover of Lara's book.


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kathyinozarks said...

congrats to your daughter-so exciting for both of you-hugs