Thursday, 4 December 2014


I have been so very busy I have not had a moment to update my blog which is so annoying.
Lara is at the Portland Street Gallery doing a book signing from 6 - 10pm Friday evening 5th December.
Some of the new Organic collection of jewellery is there as well and I have been persuaded to exhibit a new painting at this Christmas exhibition, very unusual for me it is a large acrylic, the inspiration was a beautiful dawn coming up over the sea the colours were gorgeous so I have tried to capture that. No pictures of it I am afraid as yet.

I have been really busy tidying up the garden and sweeping up the many leaves from the Magnolias and roses, the pond was full of them this morning so fished out as many as I was able which was rather lot, we only did it at the weekend but I think the last of the leaves are down now as there have been some very high winds the last couple of days. 

My Kuhimo braiding is coming along well and I now have several necklaces a bit different to the usual things you see I think, I tried the braid with beads but really didn't like it, not my thing, I do like pearls with it though as long as there are not too many, I am using hand dyed silk which is shaded and its gorgeous so I really braid for the colours I have also started useing some Egyptian cotton threads again hand dyed in wonderful colours. I want to learn to use Shibori ribbon too, so lots of things to try out this winter. I may even get some needle felting done.


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kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, sounds like you are keeping pretty busy-your braiding sounds beautiful-