Saturday, 16 May 2015


The wedding was a colourful affaire, the bride wore a gorgeous purple gown with frilled train and the bridesmaids all wore a similar colour but the style was more subdued very Grecian they had long silky wraps and all looked very pretty. 

The reception was a pleasent affaire there was even a chocolate fountain with marsh mallows and pieces of fruit to dip  plenty to eat, the cakes was quite plain and strangely it was a coffee cake very unusual I thought, anyway all went off well.

I can hardly believe Katherine is married, she went to school with my daughter Lara and the pair used to come home after school on a Monday, Kat had dinner with us then her mother would pick her up after work and take her home, the pair of them would spend hours drawing and listening to music together, oh my! Where does all the time go, below is a photo of the pair at the reception.


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Lija Broka said...

They both look very pretty!