Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I have not been around much lately which of course means I have not posted on my blog for a while, there has been much to do in the garden and I have also started painting again and am really enjoying it. 

Watercolour is the medium I enjoy most with coloured pencil and mixed media but lately I have been trying out acrylic paint in various forms on canvas, it started out as a challenge from Maggie a friend who owns the gallery at the bottom of our road, so I accepted her challenge and decided I quite enjoyed painting again although for me it is all back to front from watercolour, I do use a watercolour technique though, I can't quite get to grips with pallet knives and such. 

Below you will see a watercolour and pencil Cambria Poppy that I did for my phoptograph album, the little bear standing by the page is one of my own design, hand made, mohair jointed bears from my soft sculpture days!

Under that a little Hare and butterflies on canvas which was rather fun to do. 

Hope you enjoy!

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