Saturday, 26 March 2016


This is not the most cheerful post I have ever made but I shall be late with the challenge for the ABS this month. 

The reason! Things have been getting a bit challeng in my personal life, well perhaps a little more than a bit, my husband is going to be redundant soon and his health has got much worse recently, he will be going back to the cardiology unit to see if anything can be done for him at some time in the next few weeks ( we don't know when ) he is not of retirement age but old enough to be unlikely to get another job in his field.

Now we have just heard the firm my daughter works for is closing down! So she will also be out of work, quite a shock really, as you can imagine we are all wondering how we will cope as employment is scarce and moving at present is not an option.

I am trying very hard to stay positive but it is difficult and the new indoor market we are trying to utilise to help out has been a complete no go so far but maybe it will pick up, one can only hope. Sales online and at the web site are also not working, sadly at the moment.

I have no idea if it is helping to write some of this down, but if you read this far, the picture below is of a few of my miniature orchids in bloom to end on a cheerful note!



jinxxxygirl said...

Hello Jackie,

I'am so sorry to hear about the trouble you having.... it just all seems to come at once doesn't it?! I went to take a look at your jewelry site to see what i could see...

The polymerclay jewelry is definitely not my style....however i did like some of the gem jewelry...The biggest problem may be that most of your items do not have a price... I finally found some prices when i looked at the bookmarks and gems... I for one like to see a price when i am looking at something... rarely will i take the time to inquire about a is just too busy these days...

Your daughter's art work is lovely ...and i love that she has the prices listed. However her pencil drawings are much better than her acrylic and to place them together on the same page may not be the right move... the look of the acrylic brings down the look of the pencil.. You also might consider separating the artwork and jewelry... your daughter having her own website might be a good idea... I KNOW you didn't ask for any advice so i hope you don't mind my thoughts...I hope things get better for you and yours. Hugs! deb

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Jackie, your orchids are beautiful. So sorry everything is hitting your family all at once. I use my blog all the time to vent or as a release for what is happening in my life.
I have pretty much given up trying to sell anything online. I never did well on ebay and my etsy shop I just keep open so I have some place to share my things. On etsy I have done well selling supplies-mostly my destash items-but when it comes to what I make it has always been difficult for me. Although I was thrilled to sell one of my art pieces-a quilted and needle felted wall hanging, and I have sold some hand dyed items but it has never been consistent.
I think on etsy there are just too many sellers-and they have opened it up to some commercial type items from places like China which just should not be on there. and to have my own web site-I did try that too-but I don't know enough about marketing to be able to be found that way.
I hope you all find a solution-hugs Kathy

kathyinozarks said...

I went to your web site and I like the way you have it set up as I can click on what I am interested in-but the one thing I agree with Deb-there should be prices listed as well as shipping costs. It makes me think that the prices must be higher than I can afford if they are not listed-here in the states the expensive restaurants do not list their prices.

Vicki Boster said...

Jackie- I'm sorry that things are difficult right now for your family. I understand what it is like to bear the burden of worry... Reminds me of a quote that I love...."Be kind to everyone because you do not know what troubles they bear." I truly hope that things look up for your daughters job and your husbands health. I wish you well in selling your lovely creations too..