Sunday, 24 April 2011

Two new pendant necklaces

I have two pretty new pendant necklaces to share with you today, from my Gold Collection. The marquise cabs in both cases are Ocean Jasper the pink and white one also has two round cabs of Chalcedony with Swarovski crystals embellishing the chain. The gold and green Cab has a round vintage Swarovski crystal with crystals and freshwater pearls embellishing the chain.Both these are on the web site right now on The Gold Collection pendants page.
The necklace in my last post Florentine is also on the web site Gold Collection necklaces page. Just click on Kydo Jewellery to the right and visit our web site, we have a special celebration offer for our blog followers, free first class or standard Air Mail shipping anywhere for one week thats till 30th April! 

1 comment:

As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

Wow..your jewelry is spectacular!
I can almost "feel" the looks like it comes from another era.