Sunday, 5 June 2011

Of Roses and Moonlight

Just as I thought I had got writing this journal under control life up and gets in the way, maybe I am trying to do too many things online at the moment and then nothing gets done well. So here I am again promising myself I will find something to write about at least once a week.

The garden has been taking up a bit of time and the work really on going, it is bursting with old roses and clematis at the moment; the weather has been wonderful the last few days with lots of sunshine which is why they are doing so well I think, they love the sun and hang their pretty heads in pouring rain and end up looking like wet paper bags hanging on the bushes. But I do love the old roses the scent is stunning; Mme Isaac Perrier has the strongest scent of all my roses and I can sit on the seat in my sunken garden listening to the waterfall and bird song enveloped in her exquisite perfume and the sweet scent of lavender trailing down the wall behind me. How I love the warm June days!

I took up Chen Tai Chi some time ago to help with problems after a bad fall I had years ago now and it is going really well, I love it and it has helped me to recover a lot of the flexibility I had lost, I practice every day and hope to overcome any limitations I may have. We did a demonstration at a fair in our park in aid of the local Childrens Hospice a couple of weeks ago which was well received.

Friday evening my daughter and I went to the theatre to watch the Shaolin Warriors from Beijing, the performance was absolutely spectacular and the theatre filled to capacity. After the show my husband picked us up in the car we drove out to the down which overlooks the sea, the sun had set and a new sickle moon risen but the sky still had a deep peachy coral glow along the horizon with that aqua shade you get sometimes below. The lights along the Welsh coast opposite were strong and bright, mesmerisingly close. As we sat drinking in the beauty of the night the stars shone out, more and more appeared. We got out of the car sharing cans of soft drinks letting the night drift by; the big dipper appeared right above where we stood, my husband pointed it out to our daughter, we found other constellations to wonder at, until the breeze became a little chill and we got back in the car.

We watched as a dog fox came within a few feet of the open car door, I thought perhaps he wants a ride with us, he came so close to me with no fear, wondering what I had in the rustling paper of a chocolate snack bar. Then we drove home.
I hope you will choose to come back and read more of my ramblings and I will try to write more frequently. I leave you with a picture of a new necklace from the Gold Collection inspired by the old roses. The gemstones are Rhodochrosite, pink Peruvian Opal and Chalcedony with white pearls.


Pretty Things said...

I took a class in Tai Chi in college and I had no idea moving so slowly could hurt so much!

Lovely necklace -- you do such amazing work!

Marie S said...

I have very old rose at my house and it smells so strong and puts out the most lovely roses, long stems and all. I cherish it.
I loved what you wrote.
Beautiful necklace!