Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thinking of changing my Journal

Yes I am really thinking of leaving Blogger, there seems little point me being here if I am unable to post on the blogs I follow and possibly other people can't leave comments on my blog either although I think you can leave comments on my blog as I have comment moderation enabled and I can comment on any blogs that have this enabled, so I presume it is the same, but not on any others.
I do have another Journal at Wordpress but I don't really use it at the moment so I may decide to use that one, I do hope if I go some of you will follow me over there, that would be brilliant!


Cara Jane said...

just checking I can leave comments

Pretty Things said...

I can leave a comment, too -- I think Blogger MAY have worked its kinks out.

Mika said...

Hi Jackie,
I was using Blogger before. I think if you are just blogging, Blogger is great, but if you want to be able to have other pages for showcasing your pictures, etc, then Wordpress probably is better. My website is Wordpress and it looks like this is the most popular one in America.