Monday, 27 June 2016


I very rarely make bracelets, necklaces are what I enjoy designing and making most of all but hey a change is good. So I decided to make a bracelet for this month, the picture was very inspirational I liked the colours and composition, it was from the  Century Magazine Cover for June by Louis Rhead you can see it below.

I decided to make a triple strand bracelet so chose Citrine nuggets for one of the strands. I had some really nice shaded blue tablet shaped Czech glass beads with gold flowers picked out I had bought when I made an order with a friend and had not used yet. I got out my box of hand made Ugandan paper beads out and found some with a nice smokey purple running through them and added a few silver beads this was my second strand. The third strand proved a problem and I was beginning to wish I had stuck with just two, I tried several things but I felt they were just not right, till I thought of some leather which I have in several colours I used gold to carry through. I knotted and added four of my hand made Polymer saucer beads in blue and gold and a tablet bead with an imprint of a rose on both sides. The clasp is a very pretty floral toggle. Here it is you can see it below.

 Until next time take care.


lynn cockrell said...

This is a beautiful bracelet. The color combination is lovely.

BluMoon said...

Sorry I couldn't Thank you on your blog Lynn but I can't if you are on goggle+ for some reason!

Alison Herrington said...

Nice work! I love the tablet beads with the gold, they are perfect imitation of her dress! Nice call on the leather strand, it works perfectly! Beautiful bracelet!

Alice said...

So pretty! I love the beautiful beads.